Conversion and renovation MFH Auerbach



Conversion and renovation MFH Auerbach

The task: Renovation and change of use of a vacant former laboratory building from the 1950s into an attractive apartment building with eight residential units.

Implementation: For the conversion, the building was gutted as far as possible, the existing roof with its Eternit covering was professionally demolished and a new attic storey was added as a stacked storey. In addition, we upgraded the energy efficiency of the exterior walls with a composite thermal insulation system and modern plastic windows, and we were able to accommodate some of the completely renovated building services in the false ceilings of the originally overheight storeys.

The special feature: a development plan that became legally effective in 1979 determined the legal use of the property. A few exemptions made it possible to convert the abandoned commercial use into a new residential use in the planning area.


Conversion and refurbishment of multi-family house




2013 - 2015


approx. 665 m² | 1,940 m³

Construction costs

690.000€ gross

Work Phases

HOAI LPH 1-8: architecture, TGA, statics, KfW monitoring