Conversion of the attic of Einhausen town hall



Conversion of the attic of Einhausen town hall

The task: The existing, unused attic of the town hall in Einhausen is to be converted to extend the administrative rooms.

The realisation: On the north side of the roof we built a dormer window, which provides access to the new external staircase as a structurally necessary escape route. All other rooms are lit via new skylights or another dormer window. The extension of the interior staircase and the lift system provided access to the new office rooms. We have designed these in such a way that, in addition to general day-to-day business, larger meetings of the municipal board can also take place. The shape of the roof (tent roof) remained unchanged and fits in with the existing façade redesign, which was also carried out by us.


Extension of the Usingen earth station




2015 - 2020


approx. 1,100 m²

Construction costs

approx. 550,000 €

Work Phases

HOAI LPH 1-8: architecture, statics, fire protection, thermal insulation